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Our Projects

Mana Engineering focusses on all aspects of the energy transition. With this broad scope of knowledge about the available technologies for carbon abatement, we ensure that we can always find the ideal solution to each problem.

The SH2IDPRIVE project is a comprehensive R&D project that addresses the complete value chain of maritime hydrogen applications. With 33 companies and over 33 million euros in funding, it will assist universities and companies to develop new technologies for the hydrogen economy. In this project, Mana Engineering will work together with Royal Roos and other technology providers to develop containerized solutions for flexible hydrogen storage


Together with SDS Separation and TU Delft, Mana Engineering is working on the development of a new carbon capture technology.
Mana Engineering is
spearheading the formation of a research consortium that will create the basis for a research project at TU Delft's Process&Energy department.


The Maritime Masterplan is a Dutch national growth fund proposal that aims to invest 450 million euros in the development, production and use of climate neutral ships. Mana Engineering has contributed to the writing process of this proposal for several shipping companies. In the summer of 2023 it was announced that this subsidy will be granted. 

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