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Mana Engineering wants to work towards a net-zero society and therefore focusses on all aspects of the energy transition. We use our background in Maritime, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering alongside our wide network of partners to find solutions for the problems people encounter on their way to the net-zero society. We aim to make the crucial step between development and implementation of new technologies possible by identifying the best product-market fits, the right partners and clients.


Behind the Scenes

Mana Engineering was founded by Dennis Lensing and Huub Bergstein. Two former rugby teammates that switched from tackling opposition players together to tackling engineering problems together. The name 'Mana' also comes from this background in rugby, as it stands for 'the possession of power and energy' in Polynesian culture, which is strongly represented in the sport. The concept of 'Mana' also aligns perfectly with our goal of accelerating the energy transition.


Dennis Lensing

Managing Director/Maritime Engineer

After finishing his engineering degree, Dennis has been motivated to put his knowledge to use in the energy transition. His curiosity and passion for innovation were put to good use during a two years tenure at the TU Delft University. He instigated various successful research and development projects resulting in a 33 million euro subsidy for the SH2IPDRIVE project, focussing on hydrogen in shipping. After this experience, Dennis wanted to focus more on market-ready projects and founded Mana Engineering with Huub.  


Huub Bergstein

Commercial Director/Chemical Engineer

Like Dennis, Huub wants to use his skills to accelerate the energy transition with a drive to work towards feasible and sensible technologies. His Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering was put to good use in the development of a hydrogen storage technology for a start-up. After a research focused stint of 2 years, he wanted to focus more on the business development side of innovations and founded Mana Engineering with Dennis.

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